Welcome To The Joy of TAANIKO

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In the video below: Veranoa Hetet talks about Taaniko (make sure your sound is on)
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The Joy of Taaniko with Veranoa Hetet

This online course includes the following:
  • Tips for the best materials to use for Taaniko that are widely available throughout the world
  • How to properly cast on and off
  • The correct Taaniko technique
  • How to overcome wonky and bumpy taaniko
  • How to create patterns of your own
  • Includes 3 different sampler patterns to weave
  • 12 months access via a personalised portal

With step-by-step video lessons, expert guidance and Pro tips from one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most experienced Māori Weaving teachers so you can be weaving Taaniko within days!

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I am just so in love with Taaniko, it's like my addiction..... I really love playing with colours and patterns. Thank you Whaea Veranoa, your Taaniko course has opened up my world, to being more creative. This journey has been awesome. I find Taaniko relaxing, refreshing and fulfilling.”
VICKI POLLACK - Aotearoa New Zealand
"I love that Taaniko is so portable. 
I can do it in the car. I LOVE Taaniko!"
Leta Goodman-Jones, USA
"Contemporary Taaniko in 3D inspired by sea anemone and see coral. It feels like adding another step onto my weaving journey in trying new ways with traditional techniques. Thanks Veranoa to teach me and in doing so giving me confidence."
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Taaniko is SO Versatile!

There are so many things you can weave with the Taaniko technique from belts, purses and guitar straps to wallhangings and objet d'art 

About Veranoa Hetet

I Weave, I Breathe
Weaving is literally my life. I weave every day.
Next to weaving, teaching is my greatest passion.
I grew up in a family of weavers. Many of the women in my family were and are weavers: my great-grandmother, Rangimarie Hetet, and great-aunt Diggeress Te Kanawa, my mum Erenora Puketapu-Hetet were all renowned Maori weavers.
I learned to weave and to teach weaving by my mothers side. She was a wonderful teacher and I hope to impart to you the knowledge and joy of Taaniko that she gave me.
Over the past 30 plus years, I have taught thousands of people how to weave and I know that if you follow the video lessons you will very quickly acquire the skills you need to enjoy Taaniko.
Happy weaving!

Traditional Technique

A traditional hand weaving technique that requires no loom 

Contemporary Past Time

Provides hours of crafting pleasure literally with a few coloured threads

Creative Fun!

A door to many artistic possibilities using colour pattern and form

Weaving To Go!

Pop in your bag so you can get creative waiting or weave quietly to relax

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course content?

Access to the lessons is for 12 months which is more than enough time for most learners to complete the course and become proficient at Taaniko.

Results are dependant on the time and effort you put in to viewing the lessons and practising the technique
It is possible to learn the Taaniko technique within a few days but most people require practise over several months to become confident and improve tension. 

How much do materials cost?

Depending on what you choose to weave with, the cost of materials can range from a few dollars to tens of dollars to weave 2-3 sampler pieces.

Materials such as cotton or bamboo threads, embroidery silks and macrame twine are readily available from haberdashery suppliers online.
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Be weaving Taaniko within days!
following the Taaniko Joy! online course with Veranoa Hetet

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  • Expert tuition with Māori Weaver and Teacher Veranoa Hetet
  • Step-by-step easy to follow lessons to replay as often as you like 24/7 
  • Learn all you need to know to weave  Taaniko including correct technique
  • For absolute beginners up
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AfterPay Available
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